Como dizer "Aula dada ou Aula pendente" em inglês

How do I say "aula dada" or "aula pendente" in English?

Nesta aula, o professor Denilso de Lima, autor do livro "Combinando Palavras em Inglês", ensina como as collocations (combinações de palavras) podem ajudar você a falar inglês com mais naturalidade. ACESSAR AULA
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If you failed some classes, it´s likely that you have to attend/schedule make up classes. (a kind of "pendência" here)

If you have completed almost all your classes (in universities, one would speak of "credits"), but you are at the very end of the course, it´s highly problable that you have a few classes left (aulas pendentes, pra terminar), let´s say four classes left.

I said all that in a general way, in passing, there´s more to it. But I am leaving to the Experts.