Como dizer "Bar e Lanchonete" em inglês

I did a great research about the usage of Bar and Snackbar and I found out some important information about their usage including even other words. I am just feeling like sharing this content with you, May I?

Definition: n- a public place where liquor is served, (synonyms) a pub, a nightclub

Example: Can you tell me where the bar is in this hotel?

A bar is the counter where liquor is served inside a barroom but is also a general term for any bussiness that serves alcohol; a pub often also serves light food, such as sandwiches; a tavern usually offers food and sometimes bedrooms for travelers; a nightclub (or club) offers live music or other entertaiment, it is similar to the one where the tragedy has taken place in Brazil;
A snack bar does not serve alcohol, only food.

I hope I've helped someone 8-)

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I didn't know this difference between "bar" and "snack bar".

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