Como dizer "Bolinho" em inglês

JacksonB 2
Hi there;

A lot of dishes don't have an English name, they keep their "native" name. But what about "Bolinho" ?
Is there any word to describe this kind of food?


Bolinho de chuva.
Bolinho de chuchu/arroz/trigo/WHATEVER.

I was looking some dishes up and some little foods are called "balls", but I don't know if that would be correct in the cases I aforementioned.

See ya!

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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Sugestão: Cake (Countable)

Bolinhos de arroz: Rice cakes
Bolinhos de batata: Potato cakes

Cake: a small amount of food formed into a flat round shape and cooked
>>rice/potato cakes

Traduzem 'Bolinho de chuva' como 'Brazilian Doughnut'. Porém, eu prefiro explicar o que é na prática...

Bons estudos!
JacksonB 2
Thanks a ton, Donay! :)

Com certeza! hehe Bem mais interessante assim :D ...
Gabi 1 1 15
tem o dumpling também!

é um bolinho e pode ser comido com uma refeição, sozinho, pode ser salgado, doce, apimentado....
Thomas 7 60 290
What would a "cupcake" be?

Gabi, apple dumplings are wonderful. My mom made regular (salgado) dumplings that went into a stew. They were deadly. LOL But apple dumplings.......ah......oh.......yummy!
Gabi 1 1 15
a cupcake...well...
dumpling, cupcake, scone, dough,'s all good..all bolinhos rsss
timphillips 10
How about the old fishcake too!
Fishcake - bolinha de peixe feito com puré de batata e flocos de peixe a milanesa
and what about "Bolinho Brigadeiro" and "Bolinho chocolate meio amargo" ???

Can u help me with these 2?? I'm translating a folder of a new products line on the company that i work!!, and I need your help!! :]

Thanks a lot!!

I'm translating a folder os a new products line on the company that I work, and I don't know a good translation for these 2 products!!

Can you help me whits these 2 words!?!?!

Thanks a lot!!!
marcelao! escreveu: 05 Nov 2010, 17:00 And what about "Bolinho Brigadeiro" and "Bolinho chocolate meio amargo" ?

Can u help me with these 2? I'm translating a folder of a new products line on the company that I work!, and I need your help! :]

Thanks a lot!
Hi there!

Chocolate fudge ball muffin - bolinho brigadeiro (se é que entendo o que é "bolinho brigadeiro")

Bitter/Semi sweet chocolate muffin

Lembrando que o tipo de "bolinho" muda o correspondente em Inglés: scones, dumplings, brownies, muffins etc
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Actually, there's not unanimity when it comes to translation of the word "brigadeiro". Some would resort to "round chocolate candy" others to "Brazilian truffle". And many would express it by "Brazilian chocolate fudge balls" - 'Brazilian fudge balls' for short.
The "balls" would convey the idea of "bolinhos" or "bolinhas" in the culinary parlance, hence the "balls" here or in "meatballs" (almôndegas).

The site EasyandDelish describes it as "Brigadeiros are traditionally rolled in (powder) chocolate sprinkles (chocolate em pó granulado). But a few folks roll them in white granulated sugar when they don't have chocolate.", Served in candy cups No 3.

And it's more a sweet/candy than a cake. But...wait wait! That reminded me of the "bolo brigadeiro", a kind of cake popular on birthday parties. This one, a cake.
There are the 'brigadeiro cake' - Moist and fugdy, as per description of the said webpage.
"It consists of a 3-layer moist chocolate cake with an ooey-gooey chocolate fudgy filling and frosting that tastes like the best thing you’ll ever have. Chocolate sprinkles top the cake"

Now it's a cake!
Just noticing that what we find yummy to Brazilian tastes, sometimes American and some Europeans find it too sugary, Some families have offered some food or refreshments to Exchange students or famous Youtubers from abroad and...they instinctively cringed in disapproval - too sugary!
It's not that they have bad manners, it's instinctively, they are not used to our level of sweetness... :-)