Como dizer "Caretice" em inglês

Daniel Reis 1 17
Olá pessoal,

Vejam o exemplo abaixo:

Eu sabia que você não gostava disso, tá vendo só, sua caretice é evidente.

Existe algo similar em Inglês?


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3 respostas
Cinnamon 15 61 498
Hi Daniel!

Sugestão (ões) :lol:

Fogey ... lish/fogey

"You are such an old fogey."

Dependendo da situação poderíamos usar:

"Old hat"


PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
I knew you weren´t supposed to like it (a gift, say, a dress a la Rhyanna/Miley), you are too square to use it! ... geles.html

I knew you wouldn´t like that (a joke just told, etc), I knew you are so uptight!
I knew you wouldn´t like that (a joke just told, etc), I knew you were so uptight!

I knew you wouldn´t do that, you are so uptight/antiquated/old guard.

I knew from the beggining that you weren´t bould to participate of that (kind of) rave, it would conflict with your traditional values (and expectations), it´s not just like you!

I was certain you wouldn´t like it. See? I am right about you, as I always tell you "you are a square".

And these depends on context, not "one-size fits all" sentences, of course.
And other ways, certainly.
Note, some of these may or may not offend or be impolite/indelicate, it´s up to you to soften your statements and be civil... Well, sometimes!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
By the way, "Old guard" is one of those expressions that can be both, derogatory or flattering, depends on whom is talking or (who is) being mentioned. Although, it´s my opinion here.