Como dizer "Chorou, parou" em inglês

Hi guys,

Como eu digo chorou, parou em inglês?

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The baby cried, the stopped.
The baby (suddenly) screamed out, then stopped.
The baby cried bloody murder, then suddenly stopped (crying).
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From another perspective, say, in an attempt to soothe someone you can say that it´s okay to cry, he/she should cry because sadness (for example) is pain and cry is healing.
That could be summed up by saying "cry is healing". But be careful, one has to choose carefully the words in such hours, it depends on the person and the situation at hand.
Nesse caso seria no sentido de dizer, não está aguentando a provocação, então vamos parar... Chorou, parou...
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Perhaps "stop whining/stop being such a crying baby" would do, it works in certain cases. In others it could be "well, it's about time to stop the teasing. He/she is about to cry and that joke isn´t funny anymore!"
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Or "it´s about time to stop crying/whining and crying".