Como dizer "Corretor Ortográfico" em inglês

oliveraf 5
Como eu digo "Corretor ortográfico" em inglês?

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fgsacco 120 2
Se você se refere ao corretor como aqueles dos editores de texto é "Spell checker".


maryziller 375 1 1
Yes, Fabio is correct, one of the auto correct features is spellcheck. In addition, in Micorsoft Word there is a feature called Auuto correct Options. to access it in Word 2007 do the following:

Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.
In the Word Options dialog box, click Proofing, and then click AutoCorrect Options.

Andressa Vedovatto 5
1) E para o corretor do teclado de celular, também seria Spell Checker? Quando o teclado corrige para algo diferente, deveriamos dizer "Sorry it was may spell checker." ?

2) E se o corretor não teve parte nisso mas escrevemos errado, qual o melhor jeito de dizer, "I made a typo"? Qual o verbo certo, did, made...?

Você poderia usar os dois numa frase?


PPAULO 57965 6 43 1035
Hi Andressa.
Answer to #1: you could say "oh sorry, it was my spell checker fault".
To #2 "sorry for my bad grammar." and if you want justify it - "sorry my bad grammar, English is not my first language."

You could also "typo" (in informal contexts) when in chat rooms, for example, with the meaning of "mistake made in type or printed text".

Strictly speaking, a typo would be a "typographical error"; so, resulting from striking the improper key of a keyboard, from mechanical failure, something like that. It wouldn´t be by intent.
That said, it wouldn´t be acceptable to use it with a meaning of an "indication that you don´t know how to spell the word" there is, an excuse for bad spelling or as an excuse for shunning grammar points.

Urban Dictinary put it well when giving an example:

Teacher: "Your paper shows THEIR as an answer when it should be THEY'RE"
You: Sorry, typo

PPAULO 57965 6 43 1035
Ah, one more thing...with cellphones the usual is talk about "autocorrect", meaning the keyboard settings of auto-correction, then the correction suggestions and other keyboard settings.

Spelling checker would be more to the use of Chrome and when using other programs (applications/apps) like text processors and others.

Anyway, this is an answer from a layman, others may add something more to the discussion.

Ref. damnyouautocorrect

Back to the crux then. You could say "Oh, I typed (the word you want here) and my phone changed it. I´m sorry! OR
I am afraid I typed (the word you want here) and my phone changed it!
Sorry...I meant (intended word) autocorrect fail!

Only find a way (or readjust your keyboard settings) not to be corrected again! And again and again!

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