Como dizer "Cortar relações" em inglês

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Aprenda a dizer cortar relações com alguém em inglês. Amplie o seu vocabulário.

Cut somebody off

  • Why did my friend suddenly cut me off without any explanation? (
  • Por que minha amiga cortou relações comigo sem nenhuma explicação?

  • Her family didn't approve of the match so they cut her off. (Cambridge)
  • A família dela não aprovava o casal, então eles cortaram relações com ela.

  • She cut herself off from her family. (
  • Ela cortou relações com a família.

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Avatar do usuário Thomas 14530 7 59 286
To my American ears, without further context, the first two sentences have quite different meanings:

(1) to cut someone off = To interrupt or otherwise silence someone, preventing him from talking.
I tried to tell the teacher why I was late, but he cut me off and told me to sit down.

(2) to cut someone off = To discontinue payment of a stipend or allowance, exclude someone from a will
His family was sending him $500 per month, but his poor performance at the university caused them to cut him off.

A third common meaning is:
(3) to cut someone off = To interfere with the movement of the vehicle of another.
As the robbers attempted to flee, the police cut off their car, forcing them to stop.
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Here are the contexts where the sentences where used:

1.InsideOut: our relationships expert Sarah Abell advises a reader whose close friend ended their relationship without a word.

Why did my friend suddenly cut me off without any explanation?

I left university ten years ago. While I was there, I was part of a very close-knit group of friends. We shared a house in our final two years and spent most of our time together. However, one of the girls, Nadine, broke all contact with us after we left. Over the summer holiday, none of us heard from her and she didn't return our calls. I was really concerned about her and even went to her parents' house and left her a note. Still nothing
It really upset me that she cut us off from her life. A couple of years ago, I looked her up on Google and discovered that she was alive and well and working in Manchester. I sent an email to her workplace but again heard nothing back.
I don't want to stalk her but I just don't understand what went wrong. Is there anything I can do, or do I need to give up on her? Erica

Dear Erica,

It can be really sad when a friendship comes to an end, especially if you don't see it coming and have no idea what went wrong. It sounds as though you have done everything you can to make contact with Nadine. But the reality is that she still doesn't want to see you or any of your group from university.A similar thing happened to me once when a very good old school friend cut me off.

2.Cut sb off:to stop talking to someone because you do not want to be friendly with them any more.(Cambridge)
Her family didn't approve of the match so they cut her off.

Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12510 1 23 210
Break up (sever a relationship, terminate it) as "Márcio and his short-term gf broke up. Yep, I did it today. We no longer talk."
Avatar do usuário Thomas 14530 7 59 286
Donay, note that all three sources of the original post are from non-USA sources. If you will re-read my post, you will note that at no point did I write that the translations were wrong. I did point out, however, that to an American the the first two sentences (both British) could have very different meanings. We say "English", but we are working with many different kinds of English, and each is evolving and will continue to evolve. If a student is dealing with Americans, he may wish to have some of the differences between BE and AE brought to his attention. Perhaps I am wrong and wasting my time and that of others.
Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 56930 22 95 1358

Your opinion is really important to all of us here on the Blog, I just wanted to show you that the phrasal verb I mentioned can be commonly used in BrE meaning "cortar relações". There's nothing more important to English learning than native speakers' opinions and comments, which make all of the information we provide here more reliable and practical to everyone, including me, as a teacher. Every time you post a comment, you give us priceless information. Keep posting...

Best wishes,
Avatar do usuário Henry Cunha 10040 3 16 178
I guess I've used it with every one of the proposed meanings over the years.

Here's an example from the NYTimes:

"To signal his commitment to Tokyo, Roosevelt cut off relations with Korea, turned the American legation in Seoul over to the Japanese military and deleted the word “Korea” from the State Department’s Record of Foreign Relations and placed it under the heading of 'Japan.'" ... &%2359;cut off relations&%2334&_r=1&sq&st=cse&%2359;&scp=1
Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 56930 22 95 1358

Para complementar o tópico:

Expressões relacionadas a "cortar relações" com o termo "through":

1.I'm sorry, Barack, we're through.(Los Angeles Times)
Me desculpa, Barack, estamos de relações cortadas./Não somos mais amigos.
That's it! Simon and I are through.(Longman)
É isso!Simon e eu cortamos relações.

2.Expressões relacionadas a "cortar relações" com "break off":

It seems Megan had this friend, a girl who lived a few doors down. Through seventh grade, they had gone round and round: best friends one day, feuding the next, the way kids do. Finally, Megan broke off the friendship for good. She was done with the other girl. But the girl was not done with her.[Dallas News]

==>Finalmente, a Megan cortou relações para sempre.

Unfortunately, Phil and I got into it and we broke off our friendship, it was the worst two years of my life, I missed my friend so much .[]

==>Nós cortamos relações.

Bons estudos!
Avatar do usuário Simon Vasconcelos 4240 7 80
To fall out

Chinese police believe Briton fell out with wife of Bo Xilai after she asked him to move money abroad, sources say.
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Avatar do usuário Thomas 14530 7 59 286
Simon, you make a good point. "A falling out" (break in relations) is a very common expression.

Also, "To cut someone off" can mean to use your car to block theirs. For example, a driver is trying to get off a freeway, but you move your car in such a way as to prevent it. This can be done by accident or on purpose.