Como dizer "Ele está com coronavírus" em inglês

Como dizer em inglês do dia a dia que uma pessoa foi contaminada pelo coronavírus (Covid-19)? Por exemplo: "Ele está com coronavírus."
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Some possible sentences to express that:

He has the Coronavirus.
He caught the Coronavirus.
He has caught the Coronavirus.
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My suggestion:

He's come down with the corona virus.


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Breck, your suggestion made me come here and add some points:

Come down with (a disease/the flu/a cold/etc) is less common and less used than "falling ill" or "getting a disease" for instance. But it exists, I am not saying it´s wrong, just that it´s less common and maybe less idiomatic than those ones.

According to the definition from
https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries. ... -down-with
To get an illness that is not very serious - in a sentence "I think I'm coming down with the flu."
Well, from the medical definition of flu, it´s more "aggresssive" than cold. A cold is milder, and if there´s fever associated with it, it´s usually milder.
So, it seems like going against the popular wisdom, since "coming down" is explained as related to "not very serious illnesses". But then, chances are that the flu being very serious and a could too, and conversely the milder one being more agressive than the other, depending on the body being with higher or lower immunity.
Then the definition of "coming down with something" [meaning - getting ill] begins to make sense again, with that caveat, though.
Thus, to a new strain of virus, I wouldn´t use the term (it´s me, though, that´s my thinking), more so when the press makes headlines like "deadly..." plus the sentence afterwards.
I am not attempting to be biased or overly dramatic here, far from me to be such. What I am pointing out is that "coming down with something" looks like a wording to be used with more widely known illnesses. And when we talk about something that is deemed as a "headache" that can spoil a weekend or two. That is, nothing much "out of ordinary" from a medical p.o.v.
Thanks for sharing the expression, if you had not come up with it I would not learn or recall the expression. One more to build up my vocabulary repertoire. Thanks again, you have my upvote. ;-)

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I heard that expression this past week when I was watching the NBC Evening News.


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It´s fine with me. I was just pointing that out, as per definition. But language is dynamic, it evolves, changes and sometimes people´s style gets in the way. ;-)

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