Como dizer "Encontro Internacional" em inglês

Hello, I would like to know how to say "Encontro Internacional sobre Preservação de Memória no Setor de Energia Elétrica"?

I think it should be International Meeting about Memory Preservation on the Electric Power Sector. Is it right? Any suggestions?


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International Meeting on Memory Preservation in the Electric Energy Sector.
International Conference on Memory Preservation in the Electric Energy Sector.
  • A conference is a more formal affair than a meeting.
  • Conferences are preplanned and held on a large scale where a lot of people attend; meetings may or may not be preplanned, and attendees are fewer in number.
  • Conferences have a particular agenda for discussion; meetings may or may not have a particular subject to be discussed; they may have many points to focus on.
  • Conferences are usually held in hotels or conference rooms, etc. As they are on a large scale; meetings can be held at home, an office, or at any given space.
  • Conferences may be held over a span of a few days; meetings are shorter than conferences and usually end the same day they start in a few hours.
Ref. Differencebetween