Como dizer "engolir sapo" em inglês

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Hi guys,
I have read the threads and I must say that I personally don't think that to bite your tongue is a very appropriate translation of "engolir sapo". I think some of the other póssibilities are better but it just goes to show that there are few exact translations of idiomatic expressions and not so many parallel ones either. I think the generalrule "If you're not sure, don't try and translate idiomatic expressions. Substitute the literal meaning."
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Hi folks

I've researched "engolir sapo" in Spanish (tragar quina) and French (avaler une couleuvre/crapaud) and found no translation to English as "bite sb's tongue".

But I found some "swallow insults" and "grin and bear it".
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Para dizer engolir sapo em inglês, sugiro:

Take something lying down:to endure something unpleasant without fighting back (The free dictionary); Accept something without any protest.(Macmillan)

He's not one to take things lying down. (
Ele não é de engolir sapo.

You don't expect me to take that lying down, do you? (
Você não espera que eu engula este sapo, espera?

I won't take things lying down anymore.
Não vou mais vai engolir sapos.

Bons estudos.
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Wow it seems to me there's been a big duscussion here about engolir o sapo X bite your tongue

I must say I did little research on some good and apparently reliable websites.

One of the definitions I found that really struck me was

Bite Your Tongue ( keep yourself from speaking ... )

"bite your tongue"

You "bite your tongue" to keep yourself quiet and not say what you want to say. Example: "I wanted to tell her what I really thought of her dress, but I just bit my tongue." It is not always right to speak out and express what comes to mind; at times you should bite your tongue and keep quiet. Example: "Whenever that professor says something I don't like, I have to bite my tongue." When you really want to speak out, but you know you should not, it is best to just bite your tongue. Example: "Just as the coach started yelling, he slipped and fell. We all had to bite our tongues to keep from laughing."

Hope I'm lot late so thought maybe I could suggest another idiom which in my opinion perfectly conveys the engolir o sapo idea.

Take it on the chin

Definition: to be brave and not to complain when bad things happen to you or people criticize you

Take care,

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You're not late. Additional opinions are always welcome. Feel free to reopen any old topic whenever you have something to add to it.
And I particularly like this specific thread...
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Cá estou eu neste tópico novamente.

Li essa semana o livro Marley & Eu, em português mesmo. E qdo li o autor dizendo "Depois que eu escrevi uma coluna dando as boas-vindas a mim mesmo à vizinhança (e engolindo um monte de sapos ao fazer isso), recebi inúmeras cartas....", pensei: preciso achar esse livro in English!

E lá está: "After I wrote a column welcoming myself to the neighborhood (and eating a fair amount of crow in the process), I received a number of letters..."
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That reminds me of my father taking me to watch the Blue Jays baseball team playing in Toronto. It's been more than 20 years butI still have my Blue Jays cap. Thanks for reminding me of that.

@ all

Last year I wrote an article about ''engolir sapo'' or ''sapos'', whatever.

I strongly believe that this expression means to accept an unpleasant situation without complaining.

My rationale is based on an interesting video from the BBC website's English section. This video is conducted by an actor who plays the role of a guy called "the teacher".

I firmly believe that whenever someone takes something on the chin it's due to the fact that this person is brave enough not to complain when people criticize him/her and that rings a bell because of the expression 'engolir sapos'.

Hypothetically speaking, whoever takes something on the chin it's because somehow he/she knows that it's the best thing to do ir order to avoid a certain situation to get worse.

With that said, I feel that ''take something on the chin'' is intimately associated with 'engolir sapos'.
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Daniel, those damn Jays have been eating crow for a long time (pardon the pun).

Lembrem-se que a expressão é "eat crow" e não "eat a crow." Pela mesma razão que dizemos "engolir sapo".

Now let's all go have some fowl thing for lunch. I'm starving.
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to suck up = ter que engolir, se submeter, aguentar calado

-What do people really want from their experience in Japan?

-Experience?? This isn't a ride or a trip to the zoo. Most of us on Japan Today are lifers who just want to be left alone to get on with our lives, our jobs, our family like the locals do. We should suck up racism and discrimination?
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