Como dizer "Ficar bem informado com alguém" em inglês

Se você assiste ao nosso jornal todos os dias, você fica bem informado conosco.

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Ancrispa 9 56
If you watch our news everyday, you'll get well informed with us.
Henry Cunha 3 18 184
"About us" seems better, if I follow your meaning.

And I'd probably use "become well informed".
Ancrispa 9 56

Could you clarify my doubts?
Why can’t I use “with us”?
Why can’t I use the verb to get if one of its meanings is “to become”?
I took some examples from Longman Active Study dictionary of English about the meaning of “to become” of the verb get:
e.g The food’s getting cold . I started to get angry with him.
The economic situation seems to be getting worse.

I got confused :|
Thank you
Henry Cunha 3 18 184
Hi Ana,
Actually, I think "with us" is the correct interpretation of "conosco". Sometimes my Portuguese betrays me.
As to "get well informed," you're not wrong. It's just my reaction to a much-overused verb. When I have another good choice, I like to employ it. That's all.
Ancrispa 9 56
Thank you !