Como dizer "Fiel da balança" em inglês

Somos cinco lá em casa e todos querem ter razão, mas minha mãe é o fiel da balança.

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"...but my mother is always sensible.''

''A sensible person is reasonable and shows good judgement.'' [Longman]
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My suggestion:

Scale tipper.

For example:

"These are all great tips to make sure that your resume is well written. I also do the reading backwards trick and will usually get three or four people to read over my resume before I even consider handing it out. It’s also very important to insure that the most relevant information is the information that stands out. If you want to include some other things that may not be as important, but could be the scale tipper into your favour, I would suggest putting those in a category at the end of your resume".

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"Have the last /final word"

We are five back home and we all think we're right, but my mother has the last word.
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to have the final say