Como dizer "ir em grande número" em inglês

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Português: Ir em grande número
Inglês: To flock

People flock to the beach during summer vacations. (Eu)
Migratory birds flock river deltas each summer. (Internet)
Activity really picks up as all the snow birds flock to town. (Internet)

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en masse sprang forth to my mind right when I read your thread title, Marcio.
as in:
Tourists cancelling visits to Kerala en masse following inflamed feelings.

Tourists heading to Sa Pa en masse for upcoming holiday.

Chinese tourists flock en masse to France..

Dutch tourists are returning to Macedonia en masse.

Naturally, this attracts tourists en masse, so that more than 1,000,000 people visit the dune every year.

Though Italians flood the region en masse just to soak up the sun in the summer, foreign visitors will find Puglia has more to offer than beaches.

Abdul Mabra hopes that elections will soon be over and that visitors will come back en masse.

As for China, which has taken third place in international arrivals to Spain, it will be a “very important market in the medium term.” “The Chinese will travel en masse to Europe, and Spain will be a reference point when the tourism explosion occurs from these countries in four or five years time,” Mesquida predicted.

Tourists arrive en masse in June and disappear just as abruptly in early September, so Icelanders compare them to flocks of migrating birds.

Source: the Web in general.
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