Como dizer "leitura coletiva" em inglês

Luciene Fujita
How can I say Leitura coletiva in English. When teacher asks the students to read together at the same time. Thanks in advance
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Collective reading
- Leitura coletiva.

Reading group
- Grupo de leitura.

Book (discussion) group
- Clube do livro.

Shall we read this paragraph (all) together? = Vamos ler este parágrafo (todos) juntos?
Shall we do a collective reading? = Vamos fazer uma leitura coletiva?

Let's be part of this reading group. = Vamos fazer parte deste grupo de leitura.
How to be a reading group participant? = Como ser / me tornar um participante de um grupo de leitura?

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And a related word. The so-called Round Robin Reading (RRR) strategy. There are some variations of it, for example the Popcorn Reading (to add ramdonmess to the reading order). Except that is an strategy in which all the students will read, but by taking turns.