Como dizer "mal frequentado" em inglês

Como eu posso me referir a um bar como "um pé-sujo pequeno e mal frequentado"?



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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Não entendi. Poderia explicar melhor, com um contexto.
Pelo o que eu sei, um lugar mal frequentado é aquele que recebe pessoas suspeitas, perigosas, enfim, pessoas que não são de bem.
Thomas 7 60 290
flea bag hotel = hotel of bad repute
flophouse = hotel of bad repute
greasy spoon = restaurant of bad repute
dive = bar of bad repute
two-bit X = X of bad repute

These names refer more to the type of poor service/food than to the customers.

"Two bit" means costing 25 cents. The idea is that anything that only costs 25 cents is of poor quality.
(He is a two bit thief. I wouldn't give two bits for that shirt. I slept in a two bit hotel and ate at a two bit diner.)
Thanks, Thomas. I think 'dive' is the word I'm looking for.
Thanks, Thomas. I think 'dive' is the word I'm looking for.

E "bem frequentado", como é em inglês?


Faz lançamento do seu primeiro livro numa livraria bem frequentada.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
And more to add to the "mal frequentado" topic, "seedy" and "dodgy" sometimes meaning "the cheap sort" but sometimes it runs the gamut.
Sometimes encompassing the "cheaper" encompassing its music, and even the character of the patrons.
Whenever Johnny Cash was in town, he always stopped by The Westerner, ... I think I'll go down to the seedy bar frequented by murderers and thieves and...

A cavernous, vaguely seedy bar frequented by Goths, metalheads and other nocturnal creatures.

It was in Coronet Lounge on Hillside Avenue, a dark and seedy bar frequented by drug addicts and members of the underworld, that William met Fred Beck.

I'm kind of tired of college bars, and so I was wondering if anyone knew of a dive bar or a real seedy bar that isn't really frequented by college kids.

In 1969, a police raid at a seedy bar—the Stonewall— in Greenwich Village, New ... On illegal bars, especially those frequented by gay men, Latinos, and blacks.

Seedy bar - (a description I found elsewhere):
 is a small, dark, cheap and usually not-too-clean bar, typically frequented by young people. Usually there's heavy metal or electronic music.

 'dodgy' being the term used to denote a rather broad spectrum of the city's more dubious and less discriminating watering holes. Sometimes, or most of the time, cheap in all meanings.

Of the Kennedy next door, this was another dodgy bar with wayward overtones.
If the dodgy bar is in located in the red district then…it could be way wayward (as described in some novels.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Melissa, if we wish to make a contrast with the "mal frequentado" above, we could say that the author released his/her novel or fiction book (or or any kind of book) in an upscale bookstore, probably at some luxury mall. :-)