Como dizer "Maria chuteira" em inglês

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Português: Maria chuteira, mulher que se interessa por jogadores de futebol
Inglês: Soccer groupie; Groupie

  1. Like rich and successful sportsmen the world over, Brazil's top soccer stars are frequently targeted by groupiesMaria Chuteiras. Which is not to say that Eliza Samudio was a soccer groupie. But she liked football, and supported São Paulo FC soccer club.
  2. A notorious soccer groupie, one who had bedded at least six soccer players on three different teams, just tested positive for HIV.
  3. A SOCCER groupie smashed a bottle on another girl's head after partying with Chelsea stars. Elly Tzitas, 19, lashed out at Stephanie Webber after they battled for the attention of the millionaire players. []
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Achei mais tantas outras "Maria Chuteiras", realmente groupie é a palavra-chave para mulher interesseira!

football groupie
basketball groupie
hockey groupie

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Donay, we need now topics for "maria gasolina", "maria breteira", etc...

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WAGs (or Wags) is an acronym, used particularly by the British tabloid press, to describe the wives and girlfriends of high-profile footballers. (Wikipedia)