Como dizer "Mude. Permita-se" em inglês

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Change, let it go.
(let it go - more or less in the sense of loose your grip, stop worrying too much etc...)

Change, indulge yourself.

Indulge yourself.
It´s not just a pun.
Indulge yourself while your are still having fun.
Indulge yourself; the years go quickly by.
Indulge yourself before you´re old and die.

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Happy New Year !!!
I guessed this phrase could be constructed this way:"Change,Allow yourself."
This sentence is wrong?
"Mude" pode ser "change yourself";"permita-se" pode ser "allow yourself (to do something), free yourself of the fears); just listen to your feelings.
PPAULO (online) 6 48 1.1k
You could change tack as well:

Change your outlook of life, relax, don´t sabotage yourself, let go.

Make a change in your life, slow down (at least) a bit, treat yourself to some simple pleasures of life. Don´t deprive yourself of many things you like, and have fun.

And certainly many other ways to express that one.