Como dizer "Não misture as coisas" em inglês

Gostaria de saber como dizer essa expressão no sentido de "Eu não gosto de você, não misture as coisas". Estou em dúvida entre mix up e mess around.

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Hello Marília,
In life we have to be very wise to deal with people in all sort of circumstances. We all have to keep in mind that words can hurt and provoke an effect on people where sometimes there is no return. So, always weight the consequences before you say something that could hurt somebody without a real cause. But it is also true, the World is not composed only of good people and if there is someone that is harassing you, then you could say,

You have been messing around and harassing me with your jokes and occur attitudes. If you don’t stop I going to report you!

Now, if someone have a different feeling for you than a friendship, you could be kind and say;

I do not like you to be more than a friend, so let’s not mix things up and keep our friendship?
Ps:"messing around" seria alguém fazendo coisas erradas nas suas costas ou na sua presença.
-->"mix up" é quando alguém está equivocado e confuso a seu respeito ou outra coisa qualquer.
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to mess with / to mess around with = to do something you should not do, to alter/change without permission, to bother/annoy
Has someone been messing around with my Ipod? It isn't working.
If you mess around with the dog, it will bite you.
The hospital is messing around with work schedules and I do not know when I will have a free day.
Don't mess with me, jerk!

to mess around = to do something without serious intentions/objectives
Jake is in his room messing around. I have no idea what he is doing.

to mix up = to confuse the order of things
Don't mix up my documents or I will never find what I need.