Como dizer "não sei onde ando com a cabeça" em inglês

Como dizer "não sei onde ando com a cabeça" em inglês
Quando você esquece a panela no fogo por exemplo, aí você diz: olha, eu não sei aonde ando com a cabeça! Como dizer isso em inglês.

Nesta aula, o professor Denilso de Lima, autor do livro "Combinando Palavras em Inglês", ensina como as collocations (combinações de palavras) podem ajudar você a falar inglês com mais naturalidade. ACESSAR AULA
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Donay Mendonça 23 108 1.6k
Para dizer eu não sei onde ando com a cabeça em inglês, existe a expressão I don't know if I'm coming or going.
  • I don't know if I'm coming or going. [Não sei onde ando com a cabeça.]
  • I don’t know whether I’m coming or going this week. [Eu não sei onde ando com a cabeça esta semana.]
Bons estudos.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
In some situations you could say "I am with the head in the clouds":
I am with the head in the clouds, I (completely) forgot the pan/pot at the stove!

One other way to express that is "I am so forgetful these memory sucks!" and elaborate further on that (if you wish).

And other ways..., like saying that "I have such a crappy/shitty memory", but then many wouldn´t like to say such words, it may (or may not sound) as impolite, offensive, etc...

Let´s wait for further comments, natives and other EE members might chime in and offer other ways to express that.
I know there are more ways but I my memory just got a terrible memory these days! My memory isn’t what it used to be! ;-)

One other way is by using the "memory playing up" card.

{a}Hello Moni, just realised it was you :Grin: Damn short term memory playing up again!

{b} Memory playing up again, can't remember what I'm doing.

{c}Ah, thanks James. Turns out I had read it before actually, but not on here strangely. My memory playing up again!

{d}Your memory playing up again, Roger? Don`t you remember the Doctor warning you this could happen if you didn`t take your yellow pills!

Source AOL site:
Is your memory playing up? Here's when to worry (and when not to)
Jan 28th 2016 8:42AM
Do you find yourself forgetting things easily? Perhaps there's a name or word that's on the tip of your tongue, or a phone number that you've known all your life that you can't quite recall?

But then, there is that meaning of "memory making changes to what you have seen, read etc", that is, "playing a trick on you" so you have read a feature about Richard Gere, but then you would swear right now that the name of the actor is Tom Cruise! In other words, the brain has "changed" one word to other and you seemingly even don´t notice...but the other person does!