Como dizer "número oculto, restrito (no celular)" em inglês

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Português: número sem indentificação, número privado, número oculto, número restrito, número ocultado
Inglês: private number, withheld number, restricted number

  1. How to Make Your Mobile Phone Number Appear As a Private Number
  2. Prank, or nuisance calls, can come from a variety of sources, including telemarketers and even friends. If your phone is being called several times and each time you look at the caller ID, it shows that the number is withheld, you have a couple of choices to find out the annoying phone number. You will likely have to involve the police or obtain other legal assistance to find the number you are looking for. Call your phone provider and inform them of the repeated calls you have been receiving from a withheld number.
  3. ''Unavailable," "Blocked," "Private," and "Restricted" are all labels for phone numbers that are hidden. There are many benefits to not having your phone number displayed when you are calling someone, including—but not limited to—privacy and the inability for the called party to call you back. Here is how to make your mobile phone number appear as private.
  4. How to Call With a Restricted Number.

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