Como dizer "Ocorrência policial" em inglês

O que vocês (policiais) fazem, qual o procedimento numa ocorrência durante o Carnaval?

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I gather that ocorrência policial in a general way - incidents - generally used when there are peaceful events, or when the people involved are not identified.
as in:

Insp Terry Furlong, from Cambridgeshire Police, said: “The EDL walk in Cambridge was peaceful, as was the one in Peterborough.

“We had no incidents whatsover from either of the walks and we’re pleased with how they both went.


“Everyone is welcome downtown tonight,” said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Rick Hite in a statement Saturday. “However, if your intentions are to come down and disrupt this Family Strong Event, we will respond swiftly to eliminate the disruption.”

The event comes a few weeks after a deadly July fourth shooting downtown and other recent incidents involving unsupervised teens and young adults.

When a "ocorrencia policial" results in prison it may be called arrest. The fact of being arrested not meaning that
the person is convicted and it´s already convicted/jailed etc.

" I have been arrested twice just filming cops. And I’ve only been convicted once, and assessed a $1 fine. But we’re appealing."

Which are the (legal) procedures (followed) during an arrest by carnival time? or
What do you police do in case of incidents by carnival time?

And other ways, let´s wait for more comments.
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O que vocês (policiais) fazem, qual o procedimento numa ocorrência durante o Carnaval?

What is the procedure to deal with an incident during Carnival?