Como dizer "Oferta por tempo limitado" em inglês

Avatar do usuário Adriano Japan 815 2 17
Limited time offer!

Um jargão muito utilizado por vendedores, geralmente quando querem fazer uma clearance sale, ou queima de estoque!$
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Avatar do usuário Thomas 14370 7 58 284
As you know, Adriano, sometimes these are also "promotions". That is, the seller has a new product with little market recognition. He lowers the price substantially to attract first-time buyers with the hope that, after falling to the temptation of the low price, the customer will try the product, like it, and then become a repeat buyer of the product. Right?

And sometimes they are "price leaders". That is, a seller offers them at a very low price to entice customers to his store. Once there, the hope is the consumer will buy many other items at regular prices. In the US, this often happens with basics such as sugar, flour, milk, baby food, etc. People are lured to the store for the low price sugar, but they then buy beer, steak, vegetables, cold-cuts, etc.
Avatar do usuário Adriano Japan 815 2 17
Thank you for your very detailed explanations Thomas! ;)

price leaders

Here in Sao Paulo we got a lot of stores (mainly cloth stores) that adopts those luring "price leaders", putting cheap products with loud price boards in front of the store but since you go in, that´s a trap to your cash :|
Avatar do usuário Adriano Japan 815 2 17

Be hasty, the offer is only good for ten days!

Corra/melhor correr, a oferta é válida apenas por 10 dias!
Avatar do usuário jorgeluiz 4265 1 5 86
Deals =ofertas, promoções

Best deals =melhores ofertas

Cheers !