Como dizer "Paredão triplo do BBB" em inglês

Ivan é eliminado no paredão triplo do BBB13.

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PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Ivan é eliminado no paredão triplo do BBB13.

Ivan was evicted/voted out/booted off in the triple nomination for eviction from the "Big Brother 13" house. The other two remains in the house.

In "jornalese" talking (headlines):
Ivan is evicted/voted in the triple nomination for eviction...
Ivan is evicted from the house, then the story...from the three eviction nominees Ivan was booted off, Cat Felix and Sleep Beauty remains, yada yada yada. (just for illustration´s sake here.) or
...the remaining housemates Popeye and Brutus cried and said that Ivan was a a good friend and will be greatly missed.
A tradução poderia ser: Big Brother triple eviction?
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
I am afraid not. Don´t know that state of things right now, I searched the Web
and researched (I got kinda tired of BBB long ago...and very busy these times here.) So it was an eviction show with three evictees in which just one would be shopped.

Would be double if two of them were evicted in this eviction day, as you can see here (on the following site) where Dustin and Bruce were evicted in the same eviction:

By the way, when there´s just two housemates in the final, it´s a head-to-head final (paredão duplo), but there´s just
one that wins and the other is the runner-up.

If the final is with three contestants, there will be a winner, and the first runner-up, and the second runner-up, and lot´s of emotion/thrill in-between. And the host making dramatic breaks to say something, or to air ads, building up tension, for good measure!

Format -
Occasionally more than one housemate may be evicted in a week. The last contestant remaining in the house is declared the winner and is awarded a cash prize.

Live Final and the winner -
Housemates finishing lower than third place were evicted without delay and interviewed by the presenter. Once the second runner-up had been revealed, the show took a break, before returning half an hour later to allow the third place housemate to be evicted and interviewed. The winner was then announced. The first runner-up then left the house and was interviewed, followed by the winner, who was usually treated and greeted to a cheering crowd and a firework display before their interview.
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