Como dizer "Pênalti bem batido, bem cobrado" em inglês

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Olá pessoal,

Vejam o exemplo abaixo:

O goleiro foi bem na bola mas o pênalti foi bem batido/bem cobrado.

Como dizer "Pênalti bem batido, bem cobrado" em inglês


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Pênalti bem batido.
Como manda o figurino, eh-eh!

A textbook penalty
A textbook penalty, low and dragged into the side-netting to the right. (

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"The keeper almost reached the ball, but the penalty was well taken." ?
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You could say: "It was a perfect penalty" OR "It was an accurate penalty kick."
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A well placed penalty

To blast the penalty home ... acana.html
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And some more:
The ball was tucked past the goalkeeper with ease.
This penalty was a perfect combination of force and placement by (put the name of a soccer player here.)

What you would say about the Ryan Giggs, the man was preferably picked to take penalties during shoot outs, rather than in the games themselves. He has shown some ease at taking penalties, he didn´t fear them.
He delivered! In his long 20-year premier league career, he only missed two penalties, one in 2001 and the next in 2009, that is, it took 18 years between two mistakes!
Other soccer player, Matt le Tissier, scored 47 out of 48 penalties in his career...