Como dizer "Pista de arrancada" em inglês

Como dizer "pista de arrancada", "arrancadão" ou "arrancada" (de carros) em inglês? O contexto seria aqueles eventos em que o carro/caminhão/moto tem que percorrer 1 km no menor tempo.

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Broadly speaking, it's a racetrack. But one can say it's a "drag strip" since they usually are used for that purpose as well.
Anyway, others might come up with others words and definitions as well, let's wait for them.
Ref. en.wikipedia

Here they talk about raceway (because it's used to car races), but they refer to it as a "track" because it's used as a drag racing track.
Of course it doesn't race the track all the way, making "passes" as the cars do, it's a one-way thing. They stop at some lenght, so they use a race track as a drag strip (meaning that they use[d] a lenght of the track for that purpose.)
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