Como dizer "Posse de arma" e "Porte de arma" em inglês

Gostaria de saber se existem termos para explicar as expressões "porte de arma de fogo" e "posse de arma de fogo".

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Para dizer isso, utilize:

Carrying of guns: Porte de armas
  • This page discusses Texas laws surrounding the carrying of guns in cars, boats, or other vehicles.
  • And Rep. Steven Johnson, R-Wayland, has legislation that would take some, but not all, of the gun-free zones out of law. House Bill 4568 would allow the carrying of guns in child care centers, sports arenas, churches or entertainment facilities but keep the ban on concealed weapons in schools, bars and dorms. It would also make other revisions to the gun laws.
Gun possession: Posse de armas

In Massachusetts, gun possession is highly regulated and firearm crimes are strictly enforced.

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In addition to the above, there´s also per regulation in Brazil:

A weapons licence would fall under one of the two categories:
A Licence for acquisition and possession of a firearm (porte de armas), in such case the owner of the gun/arm (not restricted arms, it worth noticing) will be allowed to keep it in their house (or at his workplace - for business people, for example).

A licence to carry a firearm (porte de armas) would be the equivalent to the LTC in Texas (formerly known there as concealed handgun licence, I learned). There, the latter could also be called a permit to carry and transport a firearm.

In a nutshell, the first is the one to be keeping one arm and the second is the one to carry/transport it.

That said, in terms of description. Technically/lawyerly I am not going to hazard a guess. But if I learn that with all certainty, then I will come back and let you know. Or other member of the Forum might chime in and answer it (technically).