Como dizer "Pote de conservante" em inglês

Today, I meet some friends in a pub in the city center.

One friend of mine tried to explain something, that, when his mother eat every cucumber in the bowl of cucumber, she recycle the “bowl” and put another thing, for example: some seasoning.

But, he tried to find some word that could fix in this sentence, but, even though, he couldn’t.

However, how could I say in English, “pote” ou “pote de conservante”.

Thanks a million guys.

(I’m trying to write in English, so, excuse for my wrong sentences, and, if you can correct me as well, It would be nice)
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Generally they're called mason jars or just jars.

If you are reusing pickle jars for storing other things, you might say something like: I reuse all my pickle jars by keeping other preserved fruits or vegetables in them.
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I think you mean you recycle the glass jars that comes with food, etc. Bought at the mart (for example) and turn them into jars to store grains, sugar, other staples.

I think you thought about "storing" (guardar) and I dont´know why but "conservante" made me think of something preserved in alcohol, vinegar and things like that.

Lastly, I think you meant '"today I met..." (past of "meet"), since the event is already past.