Como dizer "Prender a atenção" em inglês

To engross someone's attention

That book engrossed my attention. You should read it too.

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Telma Regina 9 62 593
Also "to grab someone's attention".
"That book grabbed my attention. You should read it too".
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Hold somebody's attention

''The book holds the reader's attention right to the very end.''
To grip

The debate has gripped the Jewish state. For Israel's ultra-Orthodox, the preservation of the Haredim's right to study rather than serve represents a battle for the preservation of the Jewish people, pitting the value of the body against the worth of the soul. The Guardian

Nesse sentido, "to grip" pode significar "tomar conta".
Andy155 2
Something can also "entrance" you or be "entrancing", meaning that it interests you to the point where you give it all your attention. It's certainly more of a formal term.
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
That book riveted my attention?