Como dizer "Prestar socorro" em inglês

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Olá pessoal,

Vejam o exemplo:

Não havia muito tempo para a vitima, eu mesmo tive que prestar socorro, felizmente tudo deu certo.


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There was not much time for the victim, I even had to provide relief fortunately it worked out.
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My suggestion:

Provide relief = prestar socorro

Ex: The victim didn't have too much time, so I had to provide relief myself, fortunally everything worked out well.
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It was an urgent situation, in wich the victim chances of survival were decreasing (high loss of blood, for example), so I provided the firt aid care.

To prevent the situation of victim of worsening/deteriorating more, I provided the emergency first aid/the basic emergency treatment (at the spot).

Notice: In the above cases, "I" am trained first aid, at least at the EMT basic level. Other than that, no way! call the emergency services, police, emergency services, etc.
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Sugestão, use simply "aid or aiding" both verb and noun:

Aid :roll:

Help or support:
He gets about with the aid of a walking stick.
She went to the aid of a man trapped in his car.

Food, money, medical supplies, or weapons that is given by a richer country to a poorer country:
The Vatican has agreed to donate $80,000 in humanitarian/emergency aid to countries affected by the war.
About a fifth of the country's income is in the form of foreign/overseas aid.
in aid of sb/sth C1 UK
› in order to collect money for a group of people who need it:
a concert in aid of famine relief

Cambridge Dictionary

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Valeu pelas respostas pessoal,

Eu poderia dizer: I myself had to provide HIM relief ou I myself had to provide relief for the victim

estão certas ?

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Not really. Relief wouldn´t normally said when talking about a single person or a little group (example people in a car accident). Relief would be "socorro" in a wider sense, that of "assistência/esforços emergenciais" etc, in cases of catastrophes, disaster relief, to people affected by wars, conflicts etc, within the country or abroad.