Como dizer "Quebrar espelho dá sete anos de azar" em inglês

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Vamos aprender como falar quebrar espelho dá 7 anos de azar em inglês. Confira mais esta dica.

Português: Quebrar espelho dá sete (7) anos de azar
Inglês: Break a mirror, face seven years of bad luck; breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck

Exemplo traduzido:
  • Breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck. Do you believe it? 'No, I don't.' [Quebrar espelho dá sete anos de azar. Você acredita nisso? 'Não, não acredito.']
Mais exemplos:
  1. It is said that when you break a mirror, your cosmic penance is to endure seven years of bad luck, unless you can find a way to counteract the negative effects. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to prevent all that karmically bad juju after you break a mirror, although you might have to get a little dirty or soggy. It's still preferable to spending the rest of your seven year sentence wondering why your car keys keep breaking off in the ignition or why you keep missing the bus. The origin of the "break a mirror, face seven years of bad luck" superstition can be traced back to the Romans, who were the first to create glass mirrors. Just because your culture invents something totally useful like a mirror doesn't mean you can't still have some irrational beliefs about its use. The Romans, along with the Greek, Chinese, African and Indian cultures, believed that a mirror had the power to confiscate part of the user's soul. If the user's reflected image became distorted in any way, this could mean a corruption of his or her soul. []
  2. We all know that breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck, but did you know that breaking clear, uncolored glass is a sign that you’ve avoided something bad? It is believed that the glass took the bad luck on your behalf.

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Gostei do tema, mais algumas "Fontes de azar":

- The number 13
Across many cultures there's a belief that the n. 13 is evil and brings bad luck.
- Spilling salt - Derrubar sal sobre a mesa.
- Black cat crossing your path - Gato preto cruzando o seu caminho.
- Open umbrella - Abrir um guarda chuva dentro de casa.
- Walk under a ladder - Passar por baixo de escada.
- Step on a crack - Pisar em fendas, rachaduras nas calçadas.

And so on.
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