Como dizer "Queimadas criminosas" em inglês

Queimadas criminosas, que se repetem ano após ano no período de seca, estão transformando a Floresta Amazônica em cinzas.

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deliberate fire-setting

Area commander John Allen said: "This is costing in terms of money, it is costing in terms of damage to the environment.

"I would ask those who are engaged in deliberate fire-setting to stop.

"You are endangering the lives of our firefighters, you are endangering this environment."

Mark Parker of the Forest Service said such fires posed a huge risk to wildlife.

"This whole area is inhabited by many species of birds, and their nests with young birds and eggs in them are at risk from this sort of fire," he said.
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Arson fires, which are set year after year during the dry season, are reducing the Amazon rainforest to ashes.

See: "Orland firefighters recognized for help in arson fire" ... refighters
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Typically we speak of the agricultural practice of "burning", or of the "slash and burn" practiced around the world, whether legal or not. For ex:

"Last year, Brazil's Congress took a step toward tougher regulation, passing the nation's first environmental crimes law. Under the law, the maximum penalty for environmental crimes, including illegal burning and logging in the Amazon, soared from $3,000 to $30 million, and flagrant violators could for the first time be jailed." ( ... tal-crimes)

The title of the article was, aptly, "While The Amazon Burns, Brazil's Government Fiddles". Does that remind you of any historical figures?
Yes, Henry. Nero, for instance, fiddled while Rome burned. Good point!