Como dizer "relação sexual" em inglês

Hello folks,

I heard that 'relação sexual' would be 'sexual intercourse', but people told me it's way too formal. How can I say that informally?

Besides, how would I translate "dar uns pegas" em alguém? Would it be "to hook up with somebody"?

Thanks in advance.

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Donay Mendonça 22 102 1.5k
Sugestão de vocabulário:

Have sex with: ter relação sexual com
Make out with: dar uns pegas em/com

Bons estudos!
Thanks Donay, again! "To hook up with someone", what does that mean then?
To hook up with someone is to kiss him our her without commitment.
Like "ficar" in portuguese.

It could be, sometimes, a synonym for "to make out with"
jlmmelo 11 86

- Hanky-panky, hanky panky slang, informal, humorous - Behaviour, in particular sexual (Br: rala-e-rola; Portugal: truca-truca, WR) or legally dubious behaviour (escamoteação, trapaça), considered improper but not seriously so. Oxford Dict.

- Go at it WR

  • No sex after vaccination! Regional Russian politician tells local citizens they must avoid hanky panky after Covid-19 jab Ref. rt
Hook up could mean sex or just “ficando”. It depends on context and perhaps age. For example:

“I went on a date with a girl from Tinder but after we got talking I realised/realized she didn’t want a relationship and just wanted to hook up”. Here “hook up” implies she wanted go have sexual relations.

If an adult friend of mine told me they hooked up with someone, I would assume they had sexual relations with that person.

But, when people refer to high school students hooking up with each other, it (usually!) implies kissing and perhaps heavy petting. It does not imply they were having sex (though it does not imply they definitely didn’t either).

Making out = ficando.
Relações sexuais = sexual relations. This is somewhat formal.
Heavy petting = kissing and touching but not the act of sex.

Bill Clinton famously said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. His interpretation of “sexual relations” was controversial!
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PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
In more formal ways: have sex (with)/make love/sleep with/get laid/hook up (almost a neutral word, but it goes with context)/take someone to bed.
Also be/get intimate/hit a home run (slangy, from baseball origin)/hump (sounds a bit pop/rappy word)/ make babies.

On the naughty side (sometimes offensive or impolite): f***/ get down and dirty/shag/sex someone up/screw/bang/bone/nail/ride/get a dic***g.
Get lucky/get busy (less used, and it seems like it's fading out).

And other ways, since the language doesn't stop.
The above ones I found at the RealLife English site.

Ah, then there is the "neutral" DO IT, used by teenagers as a mild way to refer that event. So, "Oops, I did it again" can be a double entendre, one that banned IndieFoxx (for some time) form the Twitch (network plataform). With the said influencer, there's no thing as neutral word...!
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