Como dizer "Será que a lei vai pegar" em inglês


Eu gostaria de saber como se diz: "Será que essa lei vai pegar?" em Inglês. pegar com o sentido de dar certo ou funcionar. Eu gostaria de usar o verbo work. Will the law work? Mas acho que fica um pouco estranho. Tem outra tradução melhor para essa questão.



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Will the law stick?

"Despite the fact that this law is already being challenged in court, Brown is hopeful that this law will stick and possibly even spread into other ..."

"So, will this law stick? Doubt it, but stay tuned." ... iving-law/
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Will that law catch on?

Catch, indeed means "become popular or fashionable" -Cambridge Dict. but it have been used in this sense about Brazilian laws.
Because, in practice there are laws that catch on and laws that don´t. For example the law that deals with the "first strike" (neologism and analogy of mine), namely, when one is a first offender he goes scot-free, in a sense. Now, imagine if someone would decide to kill others, knowing that it was his first offense! It would take half of Brazilians to end the country population...But the law was made to benefit a police chief caught red-handed, and the government at the time deemed it wrong to cage the guy. Then, it caught on, everyone caught in such way invokes the Fleury Law. ... LEI+FLEURY

On the other hand, the law which demanded every driver had to have a first-aid kit in their car didn´t catch on. Most drivers had no knowledge of first aid, to begin with. Then, in afterthought the law was revoked.

You can use "catch on" (pegar) not only for that, but to others matters as well.
(Examples taken from the Web)

Do you think 3D Printing will ever truly catch on?
Will Bit Con money catch on?
Got another Facebook trend that's bound to catch on?
Wonder if this whole mobile thing will catch on or not? [seems like it really did!]
Do you think this law is going to work?
Do you think that law is gonna work?
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More on the matter.

As I said before, it´s a Brazilian notion of sorts (that of "leis que não pegam), so they resort to an "almost there" equivalent (as a way of a practical solution to the problem of translation).

More examples:
Brazil on the Rise: The Story of a Country Transformed
Por Larry Rohter

Many Brazilians thus see the law as the instrument of power and coercion, and not justice. It therefore becomes a point of pride, even an obligation of sorts, to try to avoid obeying the law and to attempt obeying the law and to attempt to get away with as much as possible. This is especially true if a law interferes with one´s personal goals or interests. But sometimes it´s done simply for sport, as an affirmation of individual autonomy. There´s a curious expression that one often hears in discussion about certain rules and regulations that are simply not observed.
Aquela lei não pegou, Brazilians will say, which means "That law didn´t catch on".
To a newcomer from an Anglo-Saxon society, that phrase may unfathomable. After all, the law is law, so how it possibly not "catch on"?

Source of the above excerpt: Google Books.

Outside of that, say, in the United States you would read that a law didn´t catch on, if it was adopted by the regulators of a given state but not in others, as in: ... roup-says/
Auto Insurance Rate Regulation Worked In California, But Didn’t Catch On Elsewhere, Group Says

Or when talking about some of our laws... :)
I would like to thank all of you that took some time to answer to my question. I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.
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