Como dizer "Só rindo mesmo" em inglês

Melissa Biscola 280 3

A: O Neymar faz vários gols para a Europa. Já em relação ao Brasil, faz só um durante a Copa... :(
B: 0.0 ... Kkkkk
A: Só rindo mesmo... :/

Então, como é em inglês essa fala destacada?


; )
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M004 30
A expressão é "sometimes you just have to laugh it off".

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I think it depends on the reaction of the listener, ironical, in disbelief, in anger, dismissive, etc.

But, one could react like this:
So much for top scorer!
So much for consistency! (consistência, alguém te chama! OR consistência foi embora/foi ali e volta já/consistência deu tchau..., etc)
So I see! (e eu não tô vendo! [algo estranho ou não muito bom, como alguém derramar café na mesa...e um terceiro comenta com você.)

But then, here is the catch, soccer fans have seen lots of players that are the hero player, the MVP in a team and then don´t go well playing in their national squad. Messi, for instance, "is another man" in Argentina squad.
In Brazil we can recall, if memory serves well, Fred (RJ) and Guilherme (SP) heroes back in their clubs, but...not scoring so well wearing the yellow jersey. Not everyone is "at home" from the very first 'apparition' in the squad, like Romario and Ronaldinho (now Ronaldao...) The Phenomenon or a Pele/'Garrincha'.
Plus, no one pays that amount to a player for nothing, but then it would be the coach (and his assistants/aides) the ones to analyze if the player is his best shape and at the top of his skills and how he performs in the team/national squad.
Then comes the 'shirt sponsor', which they say, sometimes line up the team!
Well, forget what I wrote, Zumsteim (or other soccer fans) may have other explanation to such "quirks' in soccer/football, ha ha ha. :-)
In time, I am no lawyer and am not in Neymar payroll. LOL. ;-)