Como dizer "sobrando um dedo (calçados)" em inglês

Oi, pessoal!

Alguma ideia de qual seria a melhor maneira de dizer a frase abaixo em inglês?

"Esse tênis ficou muito largo. Tá sobrando um dedo na frente."

Obrigado! :)
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These tennis shoes have too much toe room. (...have plenty of toe room could mean that it is comfortable, though.)
Inside this tennis shoes, there are too much space between the big toe/the toes and the tip of the shoe.

Or just
These tennis shoes don´t just fit well, too big for me!

One tip I learned was: Get up onto the ball of the foot. Can you put your index finger between your heel and the back of the shoe? If not, the shoe is likely too small. If your finger fits too snugly, go up half a size.

So, if you could put two fingers between your heel and the back of the shoe, it would be too big for you! That is, here the method/reasoning is reversed, from the front of the shoe to its back.

Let´s wait for more answers.
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Ah, I meant it lengthwise dimension, that is the from the heels towards the toe. But then you used the word "largo" would be more in the sense of "wide" (then horizontally).
Anyway, you could say that it´s "too big for you" (generally when it´s big one way it´s the other way - more often than not).
You also could say that you want to "up" (or down) a size, upping a size is some sort of trend - Meghan Markle anyone? Anyway, it´s not advisable.
Thanks a lot, PPAULO! So I guess there's no straightforward way of saying "um dedo" or "dois dedos" in English, is there?
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For the time being, that it doesn't fits well because "it´s not snug enough" or that it´s "too roomy at the toe". If it´s just a bit, you could say that it´s "a little/a bit too roomy at the toes" (in this case it could fit well or not it´s up to the wearer).