Como dizer "Sou muito ciumento" em inglês

Hi !!!

How can I say Sou muito ciumento em Inglês.

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I'm so fuking jealous!

Correct it?
Donay Mendonça 23 108 1.6k

I'm a very jealous person.

''I'm a very jealous person and constantly accuse my husband of cheating on me even though I have no reason to believe that he does.'' [Google Books]
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Depends on what you mean, I think.

I am very jealous (of him/her/in relationships)
Suggests something abusive, controlling in manner. Would be more often used to talk about a couple relationship, but it could be used to talk about a relationship involving friends.

I am very sticky/clinging as in:
I have sticky friendships/she or he is emotional burden (she or he wants attention monopoly)

The terms are interchangeable in many contexts. In the bad meanings, they may ruin or undermine relationships, wether of a couple or among friends.

Many say it depends, if out of control, it should stop.
Others advocate it is because it shows you care, but that you should make sure your partner has a reason to stay around with you and you wouldn´t have a reason to worry about it at all. That is, if you let hand totally open the bird may fly off, and if you tightly shut it, the bird may die, must have a balance.

In any case, you have to recognize people as individual (with their own likings, desires, friends, life, interests etc) and not as things, that is the name of the game.