Como dizer "Testador de lâmpada" em inglês

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Ladies and gentlemen, please read:

When a bulb is purchased at a grocery store and the cashier asks if he checked it to see if it worked (he lies and says yes). How the hell do you check a light bulb at the store? Is this really something you do in Argentina? (horror-movie-a-day)

Um receptáculo (ou soquete) no setor de materiais elétricos de uma loja ou supermercado para checar se a lâmpada está funcionando.

Como é o nome em inglês?

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In Brazil at the supermarkets (the biggest ones) we have the lamp checker. Usually they are attached to a shelf in the lamps or electro-electronics section.
Here they have one slot though, the one which bulb size fits the lamps they sell, usually E-27.
One inserts the lamp into the slot until and it flashes.
In some supermarkets they add a on-off push button switch, because kids would just go to the lamps section and get testing all of them just for the fun of it. This way, one has to insert the lamp and press the button simultaneously to work.
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Well, I think a "lamp tester" would do.

Did you test/inspected it at the lamp tester? or did you tested to see if is working (as it should)?

Yes, I did, it´s okay.
No, I didn´t. I´ll pay it and take it home just the same, no problem.

Anyway, you have thrown me a curve, I am not 100% sure of it.
So, let´s wait for more comments.
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I've never seen one in a store meant to be used by the clientele, but there are a few products out there that do this for different kinds of lights, and they can have different names.

Lamp checker

Bulb tester

Light tester

Lamp tester - It seems like lamp tester is pretty specific to gas lamps.

To me, calling it a bulb tester would make the most sense if you are just looking to test a regular screw-in light bulb, but, like I said, I've never seen anything like that in a store.