Como dizer "Tocada (automobilismo)" em inglês

Como dizer "Tocada (automobilismo)" em inglês
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Como dizer "Tocada (automobilismo)" em inglês?

Contexto: Direção, condução; modo de dirigir.


- A tocada de Hamilton faz com que tudo esteja sempre perfeito.
- No vídeo podemos ver como é a tocada de Rubens Barrichello.

Em inglês, poderia ser drive, driving?


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I would go for "drive style": ... 4/3045739/
“Any time you have a formula change, which we're going to have again next year [to the universal aerokits], a driver has to step outside himself or herself and realize that they've got to change their drive style pretty significantly if they're going to run at the front.

Stewart and Lauda mastered that apparently slow clean driving style, which however translated in devastatingly fast lap times. Prost needed several seasons in F1 and much heartbreak with Renault and McLaren's early on, to become King Alain 
(source: Forums Auto Sport)

And getting behind the wheel of the RS 18 F1 IS an event! This Clio has an addictive drive style, it is fun and exciting to control, and it looks just beautiful in its trademark colours as one would expect a high performance car to look. In our opinion it is worth every cent you’re going to spend on purchasing this rare gem of a hot hatch.
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