Como dizer "torta de bolacha" em inglês

Ex: Nós fizemos uma torta de bolacha de chocolate e baunilha.

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Take a look at some search engines for the words "chocolate chip cookies" with vanilla pudding (or vanilla extracts) as an ingredient.
I assumed "bolacha" is "biscoito" (since "bolacha" in the Northeastern region is associated with less industrial manufacturing).
The industry name them "biscoitos" even if in the South, North, and Central regions "bolacha" and "biscoito" can be interchangeable.

Perhaps just "chocolate chips pie" will do, in case you elaborate more then explain that it was filled with vanilla extract, or vanilla cream (usual in the U.S. Cake recipes).
There are some differences in the U.S. Culinary and ingredients. So, we need so we need some leeway when describing recipes.

I am no master chef, though, so let's wait for more answers on that one. Please, cooks, chime in! ;-)