Como dizer "venda de garagem" em inglês

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Como dizer venda de garagem em inglês?

OBS: venda de garagem,(nos EUA) acontece quando pessoas querem se desfazer de alguns objetos que não usam mais. A venda de garagem costuma acontecer nos sábados de manhã e as pessoas colocam cartazes na vizinhança indicando seu endereço,expõe os objetos na frente de sua casa, ou dentro de garagem e as quem se interessa pode comprar por preços bem razoáveis. Nos EUA isso acontece com bastante frequência especialmente quando entra a primavera após o inverno as pessoas costumam fazer a " spring cleaning" e ao em vez de jogar fora o que não lhe serve mais põe à venda no que chamam de "garage sale".

Gostaria de saber se o correto é dizer?

to do a garage sale ou to make a garage sale ou to have a garage sale.

EX: I´ll have a garage sale on Saturday. Ou I´ll do a garage sale on Saturday. Ou I´ll make a garage sale on Saturday.


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I have heard "to have a garage sale" and "to do a garage sale", but not "to make a garage sale".

If you spend the morning going from garage sale to garage sale, you are "going garage saling", "hitting garage sales". "making the rounds of garage sales", etc.

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Option: to hold a garage sale.

Randy Kennedy writes: “Beginning on Saturday, the Museum of Modern Art will hold a garage sale in its atrium. It will not be a ‘garage sale’ — a piece of performance art in which a garage sale is enacted, or an exhibition using conceptual instruments of value to interrogate Marx’s theory of commodity fetishism.” ... .html?_r=0

Garage sale is also called yard sale, rummage sale, tag sale, lawn sale, attic sale, moving sale, garbage sale, thrift sale or junk sale
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I have to tell you, I hate holding garage sales. I'm always embarrassed to haul out all the junk we've accumulated over the years for neighbours and passers-by to gawk at ("Oh, look, they have three George Foreman grills, two rice cookers, three old portable tv's... and look at those horrible paintings..."). And then people actually bargain hard with you (Buyer: "You really want 5 dollars for this old floor lamp? How about 2"? -- Me:"Really, why don't you just take it, and... oh, take that chair too, ok? It's really comfy and looks great under that lamp.") as if my junk is really worthless crap hardly deserving of their attention... And then, what I really really hate about garage sales is dragging most of the (unsold) stuff back into the garage (or basement) at the end of the day -- and putting the rest by the curb as garbage (people actually come back late at night from miles away to pick through the ejecta).

But I gotta tell you, this year I acquired an iron and ironing board (asking $10, paid $8); two kitchen chairs and a piano stool ($10, the stool a throw-in!). Unbelievable bargains!

Oh, and did you know that most municipalities have a limit on how many garage sales you can hold per year? Something about tax-free sales, neighbourhood nuisance, etc. Incredible. How dare they infringe on our inalienable right to trade freely?