Como dizer "Viciado em Livros" em inglês

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Sugestão: Bookish = adj (pessoa) livresco; estudioso, viciado em livros.


She is dating a shy and bookish boy = ela está a namorar um rapaz tímido e viciado em livros.
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My suggestion: Bookworm.

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Book lover

Book lovers (or booklovers) enjoy reading and they do it more than the average book reader.


Bibliophagists devour books as fast perhaps or as voraciously as a hungry cannibal does human beings.

Book hugger

In the manner of tree huggers, book huggers will--sometimes foolishly or annoyingly--become overly concerned about protecting his or someone else's books from destruction or any other threat. Book huggers may or not enjoy reading books.
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A book addict
A book junkie
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While at it...
Bookish could also mean an adjective, meaning that a certain skill is more apt to be found (or the style is based) on books. So, it would seem labored, kinda measured, slow, calculated (sometimes even outdated). It would be in another context, of course.