Como dizer "Vício material" em inglês

Como dizer 'vício material' em inglês, texto jurídico.

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Acho que "material addiction"
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Defect of substance

A defect of substance is a mistake or error in the essential part of a legal document. This can happen when an important term or detail is left out, making the document incomplete or invalid. It is different from a defect of form, which is a mistake in the way the document is written or presented. Ref. lsd

Defect of form: Vício formal.
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Simon nailed it!
Another way to put it, depending on the case is mentioning that a document, etc, is "defective as to substance":

State vs Hancox
The court reversed and remanded the cause for trial. On rehearing, the court decided that the indictment was defective as to substance and not amendable,

(1) the indictment is defective as to substance because it materially alters the essence of the offense,

Sometimes they mention that a document was both "defective as to form and substance"...

By the way, the concept derives from the "lei material" (substantive law).