Correção de frase: "D. Friedman gave an example"

D. Friedman gave an example of a man who Invades a house to pick up a gun and kill a wild animal

Violations like that have to be proportionally compensated after the event
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Very good.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41505 6 32 729
I am in two minds about the "Violations like that have to be proportionally compensated after the event." bit.

I understood you; but, to a degree a "violation" per se isn´t compensated, "the victims of violations" or the word "violation" togheter something that explains it: law violation, property violation, rights violation, an so on. Anyway, sometimes some authors state that, for example, "violations should have be compensated" etc. I agree, that being usually in the body of a text, after the reader having learned which kind of violation is.
So, this is not meant to be a correction or something of the sort, just a point of view that might come in handy in the future. That is, this reasoning may be useful in the future.