Correção de frase: "Made me feel better.''

Olá gostaria de saber se esta frase está correta: i wrote a song and this made me feel better.
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Fine to me. Since, I understand that "this'' means the act of writing a song.

If you felt well (and feel well writing songs) with the act of writing a song, you also could say "Writing a song (yesterday/this week) made me feel better."

It suggests both to me, that you have such an awesome feeling by knowing that you write/wrote a song, and that it you wrote one perhaps yesterday, last week, etc. It was a recent thing.

(1) Made me feel better.
(2) Made me feel way better.

Just taking the act of "feeling better" to new heights, the difference in Portuguese would be something like the difference between "me fez sentir melhor/me senti melhor" and "me fez sentir bem melhor/me senti beeem melhor".

But, this is just for your information, as I said here, your sentence was/is fine as it was.
Of course, depending on context, it would be interesting to know that difference, though.