Correção de frase: The Ice Key is located in...

The Ice Key is located in the Glitter Gulch Mine world in the Banjo-Tooie game.


The Ice Key is located in the world Glittler Gulch Mine in the game Banjo-Tooie.

I personally don't see any problem on using any of them, but I wonder which is the most appropriated/most used.

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Nouns can function as adjectives, which is where things get weird. And since we are working with nouns, it comes down to importance as to which we tend to treat as the noun in a sentence and which we treat as adjectives. Proper names are prioritized in English culture, so it makes sense that you'd like the second construction better.

>> The Ice Key is located in the world "Glittler Gulch Mine" in the game Banjo-Tooie.
>> The Ice Key is located in the world, Glittler Gulch Mine, in the game Banjo-Tooie.

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