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I bet that when we speak english it sounds like a weird accent, like foreigner speaker, I mean, I was attending the English class with my teacher and there were an american woman who were watching the class with us, I noticed that the accent of the teacher were much different than the american woman, of course my teacher has american accent but it still is different, she speaks very a pronunciation so strong, imagine we speaking English with her, is the same as an American speaking portuguese, then when I learn English well and become an English teacher I will want to lost my foreigner accent and improve the best as I can.

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I bet most of us have an weird accent to native ears, I mean, if my experience (OR from my first experiences) with speaking is something to go by. I believe that happens with many others Brazilian guys as well.
I have noticed that we speak English with a thick accent, just like we say about foreigner speakers when they try to speak Portuguese.
I was attending this English class of my teacher and there WAS an american woman who joined our class, then I could notice how different is his accent compared to that of her. (or -to hers) when they spoke Portuguese.
Of course, the foreign accent (or English accent) of my teacher still shows, but in different ways, hers being still rather heavy.
You might now imagine now we talk to her (OR converse with her), it might sound Greek to her/or a Brazilian speaking in America! (it´s a figure of speech, nothing against the Greek here) On the other hand, it´s a moment when I learn English better and at the same time I turn into a teacher of English, it´s when I am most driven to pick up the English accent as much as I can, and use it, so my Portuguese don´t show that much.

That´s just a draft, a first proofreading of sorts, others may polish further.
You have the hooks to capture the audience, but you have to train some skills, to learn some vocab and grammar topics. And, please, drop that mania of using English with small "e" (or at least don´t do that when you take some English test, other than that, fine for me.) I said that because it´s getting a recurrent trait in your writing.
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Heeeey dude, how are you ? thank yoooou...I just didn't understand about with ( " then I could notice how different is his accent compared to that of her. (or -to hers) when they spoke Portuguese." ) like what "when they spoke Portuguese" ? I wondered to mean when he is speaking english compared to her, his accent is much easier and normal to me...also in the end of the text ( "so my Portuguese don´t show that much. ") I didn't understand with "my portuguese" should it be "so my English don't show that much" ?? ... Thank you again Paulo, you're Always helping me, I would like to see you speaking english, as I told you, I speak much better than I write, anyway my writing skills is awful I know kkkkkk....but you're helping me a lot, hugs for you.
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then I could notice how different is his accent compared to that of her...
(foi) então que eu pude notar a diferença de sotaque no português deles... (ou - quando eles falavam em português.)´s when I am most driven to pick up the English accent as much as I can, and use it, so my Portuguese don´t show that much.
É então/são esses momentos quando eu fico mais incentivado a aprender/absorver o máximo da pronúncia (meio que sotaque -mais eu prefiro pronúncia aqui) que eu puder, e (a seguir) usá-la (a pronúnica) de modo que meu português não fique tão perceptível (don´t show up). Não fique tão longe de uma pronúncia nativa de inglês.

I am trying to do my best, to help out others, not only you. So, I can´t give exclusive attention, and my speaking skills sucks, by the way. It would be a bad thing to pass up bad English pronunciation or something like that. I am no teacher, or something , just a learner like you guys.
I myself have my issues, my job, my children that demand a lot of attention (this news that the younger kid got poor grades, mainly in Geometry, Algebra, English, Geography, etc. Wait! I said English? Geography? how come? pinch me, I must be having a bad dream! :? Well, video-game generation, yikes!
This is only the tip of the iceberg, but I am not around here to be such a cry-baby, indeed English is my hobby and my high.
I am just saying that, to let you guys know that with hectic life or not, I will be doing my contientiously best, and I wish I had time to interact in any possible ways.
OOh yeah, now I understood, to be honest I'm suprised to see a studant so expert like you, your english is awesome and I'm sure what about I'm saying, congratulations and I really admire you, take care of your Family, thank you very much to Always helping us, hugs for you and your Family Paulo.
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Thank you guy, indeed I have improved a lot with the help of this site, a good place to practice and exchange experiences and opinion about the learning experience. As for the little guy, we tried to find a tutor to give him some classes on the side, but to no avail!
7th grade is scary to many people; so this university student that came today, to see if she could help him out found the subjects so difficult.
Got me back to the square one, I myself am grilling him beggining with Algebra, and the Maths topics. In the end it seems that I am the only one that can carry the proverbial Message to Garcia! he hee.
But no problem, I will always make time to drop by and make the rounds at the EE. High five!