Correção de texto: atividades com crianças

I take care of my mother neighbour’s daughter, her name is Vanessa. When I started to take care of her she was 6, now she is 11 years. and activities with the child was general care as: bath, feeding, changing dirty clothes for clean, comb her hair, wash the laundry and finally play games and watch some TV. and also my sister and I take care of a baby's neighbour, she was a single mother and then helped us to take care of her baby, as in feeding, bathing, changing diapers, baby's name is Pollyanna :D
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39175 6 32 684 she 11 y.o. (that is you have to say "years old" to talk about one´s age)

...and the daytime/routine activities with the child was general care as...

My sister also babysit/take care of a baby´s neighbour (or also: of a neighbour child)

The baby´s name is Pollyanna. (since it´s a proper name, and the name is unique in number of ways. It singles out a person)

These are just suggestions to change your text, but I didn´t check it out for punctuation and other English grammar topics.