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Nowadays, There is extremely comum people who are drepessed, even they have a job, Family and a dwelling, sometimes are bummed and neds help, for exemple, there is someone who has everything in his/her life but even though is bummed out, I just don't understand why it is so comum, sometimes nothing that bad has happened into their lifes and they're unhappy, i understand when you lost someone who passed away or had a broeken heard wich you suffer a lot and sometimes never get over, it's just hard to get over when you lost someone who you love or your love is not reciprocal, some people try to kill themselfs, I just don't see it in that way, these people should browse for a psicologist and start again, nothing of these is easy to handle and depression is a sickness wich is really dangerous and sometimes condemns the happyness of someone!

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Nowadays (1), it´s very common(2) to find people who are depressed (3), even if they have a job, family and dwelling (4), sometimes are bummed (5) and neds help, for exemple, there is someone who has everything in his/her life but even though is bummed out (5), I just don't understand why it is so prevalent in modern society.
Even when/if nothing bad has happened into their lifes they/people may be unhappy, I (6) understand that, when people lose someone, a friend, a loved one, someone from the family. Or had his heart somehow broken, it would be a pretty difficult situation, and sometimes one never get over.
It's just hard to bounce back when you lost someone you love or to learn love is not reciprocal, on the part of the loved one.
Events like these, may lead some people to try to take their own lives (7). I just don't see things/that in this way, people in such situation (8) should go to a/seek a/see a psychologist (2) and they would see that everyone has second chances/new opportunities to start (things) again and see new horizons.
By saying that, doesn´t means that is easy to handle depression, wich sometimes is a sickness wich is really dangerous and may ruin the life of many, condemning them to live in unhappiness! When it doesn´t have to be this way.

(1)"These days' would be way less formal.
(2) (3)be careful with "change" of letters, before submitting your texts, please consider to check it out, if possible compare word-by-word against some dictionary entries.
Please also consider to search the word (or even some expressions) on the site Linguee, it helps a lot.
(4)dwelling is not wrong at all, just as an alternative you have "a roof over their heads"/"a house." etc.
(5)While my note #1 [these days], was about formality vs informality in the text, this one took the cake! (in a reversal mode...)
bummed is quite colloquial, more conversational than proper to writing. I think.
Perhaps would be a good idea to change that to "sad/unhappy (with their lives)" etc, I left the expression but I would change if I were you.

(6) I, not "i". In written, unless one is on chat-rooms/in very informal settings, etc, capitalize I (use maiúscula para o pronome '' I ")
(7)"themselfs" the plural here, irregular plural, would be "themselves".
"Try to take their own lives" is a softer way to say " kill themselves".
(8)"these people" would make many people think you are "excluding a group", or making distinction between "they" (these people) and "you", as if you said "I am not one of these". Let´s not be judgemental, or categorical, when we can be "these people" provided we get a certain degree of strain, everyone has a threshold.

Try to keep the tone of the text. That is, if it´s colloquial or informal at the beggining, it might be afterwards, and the same applies to more formal settings. If the beggining is one way, try to stick to that writing style.
Thank you very much Paulo, and I'll chase your advices, I Always take down my text correct by you people, thanks a lot ;)
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
And a little correction more, if you wish. "...and I´ll follow your advice"
The word "advice" is always written in the singular form, in English, wether translated into "conselho" or "conselhos" in English. Say, to the expressions (in Portuguese) Vou seguir seu conselho/vou seguir seus conselhos.

If one wants to express the plural in Portuguese, leaving no room to ambiguity about it, could say "...and I´ll follow your pieces of advice."
Your thread and questions, and those of everyone else, are most welcome
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