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What professional skills and characteristics do you think are important to being successful in a global economy?

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I think professionals need to have a series of features that satisfy your employer, a professional with good communication, positive attitude and follow good ethics, is highly valued.
One of the features that I consider essential are the professionalism and work ethic, being ethical mean in often renounce opportunities to get money, status and benefits. Learn from the feedbacks is also important, even criticism can be of great help.

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I think if you* seek professional excellence/aim a better professional life, you** need to have a series of characteristics that employers look for, a worker/employee/trainee with good communication, positive attitude and that have good ethics, is highly valued.

*you seek (also "if one seeks)
**you need (one needs, or if you don´t want one repeated you may use "he/she", as you wish.

* plus ** I think if someone seeks...they would then need... (would be more impersonal, perhaps politically correct as they say.)

I look for "student" and "features" as in your intended sense in my CALD (cambridge dict.) and the examples I found were not used in this way. I had a feeling that "features" is not usually used with the word "student".

Then I look it up in the COCA

What I had was "student characteristics", which (I find) fits more to the context. "Student qualities'' would do as well.

"Profissional" - they usually don´t use the word as we do, generally it comes along with something more, "health professional". That is, refer to a member of a profession (nurse, teacher, what you have), and it requires some training.

Or in expressions like "professional standards" etc.

This perhaps it´s what you have thought:
In some cultures, the term is used as shorthand to describe a particular social stratum of well-educated workers who enjoy considerable work autonomy and who are commonly engaged in creative and intellectually challenging work.

In Brazil, indeed, a "profissional" is basically any person that have a job for some time, so he/she knows the ropes. Not in America, they don´t use the word this way.
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