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My whole life I was interested about sea animals. Unfortunately, the universities which there is sea biology course is so far away. The ocean contains just 30% explored and recently they found many ancient animals that before were considered extinct. The Coelacanth one gave origin into some land animals, I mean, some Dinosaur species, but this fish still exist and didn't change since back then. There are many interesting species on the deep water that we still don't have much information about. The ocean is so mysterious.

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My whole life I’ve been interested in sea animals. Unfortunately, the universities that have deep sea biology course are so far away.

We have only explored 30% of oceans. Researchers have recently found many ancient animals that before were considered extinct.

Among these species is the Coelacanth fish, which represents an early step in the evolution of fish to terrestrial four-legged animals like amphibians. (National Geographic- see link below).

There are many interesting deep-water species that we still don’t have much information about. The ocean is so mysterious.

Bullet points:
My whole life I’ve been interested in cats.
Why the present perfect? Because I’m still interested in cats.
We have only explored – present perfect- why?
Because there’s still 70% to explore…. ... wider.html

I've copied the information from here: ... oelacanth/
thank you, Ana, Moreover you correct my text you search for more information to add on it. The next text I'm gonna search more about vocabulary and collocations, sometimes I feel kinda upset because I study so much and I end up making several mistakes or knowing something but forgetting in the exact moment that I need to use. But you are helping me a lot and giving so many good materials, I'm strengthening my grammar issues with those sites. Thanks Ana
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Let’s suppose I was Yoda and you were Luke Skywalker. Read the dialogue below: ;)

Luke: I don’t know how to do that. It’s impossible. I won’t get it.

Yoda: Resilience my child. You must concentrate on your goal to achieve it. Even it is difficult, you will overcome it. You must study hard to get what you want. If you want to learn English, you will need to make a lot of mistakes in order to achieve fluency. Don’t get upset. Mistakes are part of the learning process. May the force be with you!
Oh, Ana, you're so kind, I loved it. I'm learning English alone now and I'm gonna star an Online college next year, about "letras", as I told you I wanna teach English. Despite my English is bad I could help even English teacher because I figured many resources on the internet to strengthen and improve English, and to learn English as well. I saved every those sites which you told me about Ana and I'm improving my grammar with them If I don't understand the explanation I try to find some vídeos explaining about that on EngVid...I won't give and I do have some friends from américa who talk to me, thanks, Ana...